- Matthew Holman - Large Ensemble Music

Note: These scores and recordings are presented here for the purpose of non-commercial academic analysis only, and may not be performed or broadcast without the permission of the composer.

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Large Ensemble Music

Trombone Concerto #1 - Mvt. I

Concert Band

Composed: Fall 2014

Full Score - (Score)

mp4 Format - (Video)

Magpie March

Concert Band

Composed: Spring 2014

Full Score - (Score)

mp4 Format - (Video)

Violin Concerto #1

Full Orchestra with Violin Solo

Composed: Spring 2012 - Spring 2013

Full Score - (Score)

Mvt. I - (Recording)

Mvt. II - (Recording)

Mvt. III - (Recording)

Etude #1

Wind Ensemble

Composed: Spring 2011

Full Score - (Score)

Watercolor Dreams

Full Orchestra with Projected Images

Composed: Fall 2010

Skydive Kitty - (Score)

Machine Heavy Walk - (Score)

D.I.Y. Brain Surgery - (Score)

Glass Bird - (Score)


Chanber Orchestra and Narrator

Composed: Fall 2006 - Spring 2007

Full Score - (Score)

Three Arrangements from Schumann's Album fur die Jugend

Full Orchestra

Arranged: Fall 2006

WilderReiter - (Score)

Stuchchen - (Score)

FrolicherLandmann - (Score)